Global Water Audits

Comprehensive analysis of your water cycle to uncover potential savings and operational improvements.
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With water being a critical  resource, it is important that industrial companies assess how it is used within their facilities to identify cost reduction opportunities and potential water related risks which may impact their operation or compliance with local regulations. With our global water audit methodology, we perform comprehensive diagnosis of your water cycle and use our water treatment expertise to define and implement the best solutions. 




Whether you are looking to improve the management of water resources at one or several of your industrial sites, our global water audits will uncover new solutions in line with your objectives and existing equipment to maximize your water efficiency, reduce the overall related cost, and sustainably impact your environmental footprint.


The approach consists of a 360°evaluation that:

  • Covers the entire water cycle, from the water intake and process water treatment, through the production process and out to the final discharge.
  • Evaluates all areas: managerial, technical and operational.
  • Is inspired and adapted from International Standards for environmental management, including ISO 46001 Water efficiency management systems.
  • Identifies and anticipates risks and challenges related to water such as evolutions in discharge regulations, facility expansion, water scarcity, CSR agenda, higher wastewater surcharges, etc.
  • Proposes solutions and recommendations based on Veolia expertise in water treatment and the “4R approach”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reclaim.
  • Delivers benchmarked outcomes useful for multi-site comparison and decision making at corporate level.


Our Global Water Audit package aims at meeting the industrial challenges in terms of:

Performance / Cost reduction / compliance and Brand image

Flexible, the Global Water Audits offer combines key deliverables: 

  • The Technical Module presents an inventory of your water usage and delivers an exhaustive picture of your facility through:
    • A water mapping.
    • A water balance of main consumers and gaps.
    • Some facts and figures.
    • Current factory’s performance and risks.
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  • The Operational Module consists of a proposal for water treatment performance improvement based on Veolia Water Technologies’ expertise. It Identifies specific options for optimization and associated technical solutions such as:
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  • The Managerial Module evaluates the maturity of the site on water related topics and proposes recommendations about the governance, the implementation of water policy as well as operation and standard management, through:
    • Interviews of the facility team members. 
    • Documents and on-site checks.
    • Veolia in-house assessment grids to calculate a scoring for key topics. 
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